Renewable Energy - Quality & Audits - Storage & Electromobility

KLEISS CONSULTING is active since 2017

### from 2021 no longer monthly updates - please contact me directly for last information

+++ 2020-12 IECRE REMC contributed as convener of  WG 402 and WG 010

+++ 2020-11 continued work for PTB project
       assisted several customers with technical expertise on PV modules, procurement and quality

+++ 2020-10 supported a customer during ISO 17025 accreditation as responsable for QM system
       conducted two inspections in PV plants
       work with ENTSO-E for IECRE WG 010

+++ 2020-09 worked on severyl quality topics for customers with large systems

+++ 2020-08 proudly celebrating three years of KLEISS CONSULTING

+++ 2020-07 active in back sheet related studies
       completed summer lectures at Hannover University with new distant learning approach

+++ 2020-06 started work for QA project on behalf of PTB
       supported two customers in PV purchasing process
       received awards from two scientific journals for contribution as reviewer

+++ 2020-05 for iiDev: electricity code project Mozambique and Haiti project (WB)

+++ 2020-04 acting as expert for several PV projects

+++ 2020-03 became convener of IECRE working group 010 (grid code compliance)
       supported factory audit for a customer

+++ 2020-02 worked on a major project on market intelligence for PV modules and systems

+++ 2020-01 finalized major project on energy storage: utility scale application study

+++ 2019-12 attended and contributed to national standardization meeting for energy storage systems
     participation and contribution to the Amsterdam meeting of IEC TC 82 WG 3/6

+++ 2019-11 representative of the national delegation for IECRE in Feldkirch, Austria
       certification as Energy Storage Expert (VDE / DGS) 

+++ 2019-10 highly engaged in contract preparation for a module purchase contract (triple digit MWp)

+++ 2019-09 intialized project with solar module manufacturer and investor for electochemical storage

+++ 2019-08 proudly celebrating two years of KLEISS CONSULTING

+++ 2019-07 contributed to product certification
       worked out module-related topics for customer

+++ 2019-06  added value to certification meeitng (global IECRE marketign working group)

+++ 2019-05  Intersolar, Munich
       supported factory audit for a customer

+++ 2019-04 participation and contribution to NIST (Gaithersburg, US) IECRE-PV meeting;
       participation and contribution to the PTB (Braunschweig, DE) meeting of IEC TC 82 WG 2

+++ 2019-03 several quality audits (construction site of PV plant, factory audit)

+++ 2019-02 highly engaged in contract preparation for a module purchase contract (triple digit MWp)

+++ 2019-01 closed major IEC16247 multi-side audit for a national customer; contributed to IECRE financial meeting in Aarhus, Denmark
       participated in scientific promotion process  at University of Rapperswil (CH)

+++ 2018-12 role as managing host for one week IECRE PV WG meeting in Frankfurt, Germany;
       business trip to Ghana to contribute to a GIZ hosted meeting.

+++ 2018-11 attended an IECRE Meeting in Sanya, China as a German Delegate.
       Full day speaker for a conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, hosted by GIZ of Germany.  

+++ 2018-10 several meetings for TBKON in Frankfurt, Germany

+++ 2018-09 presented paper and poster on KPIs in PV industry quality assessment at the 35th EU PVSEC in Brussels

+++ 2018-08 proudly celebrating the first year of KLEISS CONSULTING

+++ 2018-07 became reviewer for a major scientific journal on solar energy

+++ 2018-06 participated Intersolar trade show in Munich, Germany

+++ 2018-05 succesfully completed technology assesment project.
      participated in Brussels (BE) on Quality and Sustainability of PV Systems  EU PV Technology Platform

+++ 2018-04 attended and contributed to IECRE (PV) in Shanghai (CN) and IEC TC82 WG2 in Wilmingtion (US)

+++ 2018-03 presented paper and poster on V2G at International Renewable Energy Storage conference

+++ 2018-02 invited speaker  at "5. Qualitätstag PV und Speicher", Berlin, Germany; organized by: Neue Energiewelt 

+++ 2018-01 participated at VDE workshop on"cellular" (decentralized) energy supply

+++ 2017-12 contribution and attendance IECRE workshop in Madrid, Spain

+++ 2017-11 KLEISS CONSULTING officially listed at BAFA as entiteled to deliver Energy Audit according to IEC 16247 per German national legislation § 8b EDL-G

 +++ 2017-10 contribution and participation IEC TC82 standardization meeting in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

+++ 2017-09 participation and contribution 33rd PVSEC, Amsterdam, Netherlands: presentation and poster on Storage and Autarky

 +++ 2017-08 successful one week QA workshop with a PV module producer